Our Team

Wai-chuen Thomas Tsoi – Translation

Graduated from the Department of Linguistics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a Master’s degree holder in Computer Science and Linguistics. Currently teaching in a secondary school. Interested in a lot of things, Jack of all trades, master of some. The life goal is to become a Renaissance Man. In love with traveling around the world in recent years. Has written two books, “Rediscovering Caucasus” and “Exile to Bangladesh”.

Wai-man Zoe Lam – Copyediting

加拿大卑詩大學語言學博士生,主要研究土生華裔 (俗稱「竹昇」) 對聲調的認知,兼職教廣東話,經常受溫哥華中文媒體訪問。曾就讀香港中文大學,在語言學系認識蔡偉泉。二人都熱愛語言和旅行,所以會不定期交換罕有語言版本的《小王子》。

Suet-yee Suki Yiu – Copyediting


Ka-hay Chan – Illustration

KH, post-90s illustrator wannabe. The dream is to be able to draw dreams, and still earn enough to survive.

Chin-hung Aria Lui – Illustration

Studies Product Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A part-time graphic and product designer, as well as a freelance illustrator. Simple-minded, likes to draw whatever that comes to mind.

Sze-ying Cheryl Shea – Calligraphy

Post-90s. Wakes up at 5 to practice calligraphy all the time. Has consumed too much paper and already realized the bad karma will lead to another life as a tree. Now trying fervently to keep the roughness in life and in writing.